Private Water Taxi Service

St. Kitts to Oualie Beach, Nevis
St. Kitts to hamilton Beach, Nevis

Are you looking for a private water taxi service between St. Kitts and Nevs? If yes, you are in the right place.  Book Nevis can book you a private water taxi between several piers on St. Kitts and Oualie or Hamilton Beach, Nevis.

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St. Kitts Pickup Points

Friggate Bay
Park Hyatt
Port Zante
Reggae Beach
Salt Plage

Looking for Airport Transfer Service?

If you need a transfer from St. Kitts Airport to Nevis you can use our shared airport transfer service click here for details.

If you know where you want to go in Nevis you can use these direct links below to book your transfer

St. Kitts Airport to Oualie Beach
St. Kitts Airport to Hamilton Beach

Water Taxi Only
Hamilton Beach to Reggae Beach
Reggae Beach to Hamilton Beach