Experience Caribbean luxury with Four Seasons Resort Nevis as it reveals its “Nevis in a Bottle” cocktail line. This exclusive collection, crafted with Old Road Rum Company, offers pre-batched cocktails for guests in the resort’s 189 rooms and suites. 


A Unique Cocktail Experience

The “Nevis in a Bottle” collection features five distinct cocktails:

Oualie Espresso Rumtini

Charlestown Mai Tai

Indian Castle Passion Fruit Rum Arrangé

Pinney’s Beach Margarita

Newcastle Negroni

Each cocktail, available in MyBar, is inspired by classic recipes with a Caribbean twist, named after local Nevisian spots.


Craftsmanship and Tradition

Antoine Lhomme, Director of Food and Beverage, emphasizes the collaboration’s focus on luxury and originality. The cocktails fuse vibrant flavors from St. Kitts and Nevis, offering guests a genuine taste of the Caribbean.

Old Road Rum, aged 12 years in bourbon casks, showcases the art of rum distillation. Hand-bottled at the historic Old Road Distillery, established in 1681, this rum remains true to its roots, free from added colors, sugars, or flavors.


Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Jack Widdowson, Founder of Old Road Rum Company, highlights the collaboration’s role in celebrating St. Kitts and Nevis’s cultural history. This partnership introduces guests to the rich tradition of local rum, with plans for bespoke tastings and rum-themed events in the future.


Crowned Monkey RUM BAR

Guests can also enjoy these cocktails at the Crowned Monkey RUM BAR, named after Nevis’s green vervet monkey. Known for its extensive rum selection, the bar combines sophistication with fun, enhancing the overall experience.

The “Nevis in a Bottle” collection and the ongoing collaboration with Old Road Rum Company promise to enrich the guest experience, celebrating the unique flavors and cultural heritage of Nevis.