Revel in the Melodies of Steel Pan Music

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting sounds of steel pan music at the Pan Yard Concert Series, to be held monthly at the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park in Nevis. As an integral part of the esteemed Culturama Festival, this concert series is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the rich heritage of steel pan music within our community.


Embracing Steel Pan Culture

Organized by the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation, the Pan Yard Concert Series serves as a vibrant showcase of our island’s cultural identity. Featuring performances by local steelpan groups and talented artists accompanied by the rhythmic beats of steelpan music, the event pays homage to our musical traditions and artistic prowess.


A Cultural Affair

Join Premier of Nevis Mark Brantley and fellow enthusiasts as we immerse ourselves in the melodic tapestry of steel pan music. With captivating performances by esteemed artists and community steel orchestras such as the Community Development Steel Orchestra and Oualie Rhythms, the Pan Yard Concert Series promises an authentic cultural experience for all.


Diverse Musical Offerings

From the spirited rhythms of Poinciana Rhythms to the soul-stirring melodies of EBJ Harmonics and Cultural Acts, the Pan Yard Concert Series showcases the diverse talents and musical genres that define our island’s cultural landscape. With special guest artist Speedy, accompanied by Steel Pan, the event guarantees an evening filled with musical enchantment.


Culturama Festival: A Celebration of Heritage

Prepare to embark on a journey of cultural discovery as we usher in the annual Culturama Festival from July 5 to August 6, 2024. Featuring a myriad of events including the Mango Festival, Night Market, Restaurant Week, and more, the festival honors our island’s rich heritage under the theme “Celebrating Culture, Embracing History, Its’ Culturama 50.”


Honoring Caribbean Traditions

Steel Pan music serves as a vibrant ode to the Caribbean’s cultural tapestry, transporting listeners to the sun-kissed shores and lively streets of our beloved region. As we sway to the infectious rhythms of steel pan music, we pay homage to our shared heritage and celebrate the essence of Caribbean culture.


A Harmonious Gathering

Join us at the Pan Yard Concert Series as we come together to celebrate the timeless allure of steel pan music. With its ability to unite communities and evoke a sense of cultural pride, steel pan music continues to be a cherished tradition in the Caribbean. Let us revel in the melodies, embrace the culture, and create lasting memories at this unforgettable event.


St Kitts Music Festival: An Extravaganza of Music and Culture

As we eagerly anticipate the return of the St Kitts Music Festival, we await another spectacular showcase of music and culture. Renowned as a premier event in the tourism and entertainment industry, the festival promises to enchant audiences with its diverse lineup of performances and vibrant ambiance.