Drift Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, located by the sea right next to Nevis airport runway. The setting is perfect for lunch with a relaxing ambiance and welcoming staff. We began our meal with a Golden Hour drink, a refreshing blend of various juices. The initial impression was positive, enhanced by our table’s beautiful sea view.

golden hour mocktail

For our meal, we ordered an appetizer platter and a chicken roti. The food arrived promptly, showcasing a promising start. My partner enjoyed the appetizer platter, finding it satisfying. However, my experience with the chicken roti was less favorable. The taste did not justify its high price of US$25, and the value felt lacking.

Drift platter

A significant drawback was the condition of the crockery. Cracks and chips in the dishes are unacceptable for a restaurant with high-end pricing. This detracted from the overall dining experience, leaving us disappointed. For the prices charged, diners expect impeccable presentation, including the condition of the serving dishes.

chicken roti

Despite these issues, Drift Restaurant’s seaside location is a highlight. If dining by the water is a priority, it’s worth a visit. However, for those seeking higher quality and better value, alternatives like the Yachtsman Grill at Hamilton Beach or Mango Restaurant at Pinneys beach may be more suitable.