A Scheduled Ferry From Basseterre Port

A Scheduled Water Taxi from Reggae Beach St Kitts

A Private Airport Transfer


So you are thinking about a Nevis vacation and you have probably worked out that your best route is via St. Kitts. But how do you get to Nevis from St. Kitts? There are several transportation options and below we discuss three ways to get from St. Kitts airport to Nevis.

A Scheduled Ferry From Basseterre Port

Times have changed over the years, before the pandemic this wasn’t really a viable option after a long haul flight.  However, today we have scheduled speedboats that run between Basseterre St Kitts and Charlestown Nevis. Journey time is 25-30 minutes.

So if you are arrive at the airport in St. Kitts you can get a taxi from the airport to the ferry terminal in Basseterre.  This journey takes 10-15 minutes. Once at the ferry terminal you will need to wait for the next scheduled speedboat to Nevis.

Journey time: 40-100 minutes

There are some downsides to this route.

  1. You cannot pre order your ticket
  2. Speedboat capacities are only 26-52 passengers. It only takes one large group to fill up the boat and you have to wait for the next one.
  3. Larger scheduled boats also journey to Nevis from this port but the journey time is 45-60 minutes depending.
  4. You could be waiting upto an hour for your speedboat.
  5. Even though there is a schedule you are advised to check on the day as boat times can and do change.
  6. Not the best route for those going to the West or North side of Nevis as the speedboat will take you to Charlestown in the South East of the island and you will need a taxi that could take another 30 minute journey depending on where you are heading.
  7. No assistance with luggage

The upsides to this route

  1. This is the cheapest route to Nevis.  Speedboat prices from St. kitts to Nevis are currently 12 USD per person.
  2. If you are heading to Charlestown or anywhere on the east of Nevis then this is perfect for you.

A Scheduled Water Taxi from Reggae Beach St Kitts

If you are staying on the west or north side of Nevis then this route may suite you better.  So that would include hotels like Oualie Beach Resort, Mount Nevis Hotel, The Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa, Golden Rock Inn or if you are staying in areas such as Cades Bay, Newcastle and Butlers.

Take a taxi from the airport in St Kitts to Reggae Beach peir which is located at Cockleshell Bay.  From here you can wait for a scheduled water taxi by either Blu Waves Water Taxis or Islander Watersports. You can find details on these two services on Facebook.

Journey time: 40-70 minutes

Lets Start With The Upsides

  1. It is a scenic journey both on the land taxi and water taxi.  You will travel through Frigate Bay, Timothy Hill and the Southeast Peninsular on your way to your water taxi at Reggae Beach.
  2. The water taxi is a less than 10 minute ride to Nevis.  So if you don’t like boats this is the shortest route via boat.
  3. Water and beer refreshments are offered on the water taxis.
  4. You can get water taxis to Oualie Beach, The Four Seasons Resort Pier or the Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa pier (when open).  The latter two would have to be pre booked.

Downsides to this route

  1. Costs more than going via Basseterre terminal.
  2. Water taxi capacities are only 10-26 passengers. It only takes one large group to fill up the boat and you have to wait for the next scheduled water taxi.

A Private Airport Transfer

Book Nevis can take care of all the above and arrange a meet and greet at the airport.  Our drivers will take you, in a private taxi, on the scenic route to Reggae Beach where we will arrange for a private water taxi to be waiting for you on your arrival. The water taxi will take you to either Oualie Beach, The Four Seasons Resort or Hamilton Brach Villas & Spa pier (when open).  All your luggage will be handled for you until you reach your destination.

Journey time: 40 minutes

If you need a land taxi for your arrival in Nevis we can arrange that too.

The upsides

  1. VIP Transfer Service
  2. Begin your vacation with drivers/guides who will point out and speak about places of interest
  3. No waiting for scheduled boats.
  4. We handle your luggage
  5. Bottled water on arrival
  6. WIFI on land taxi
  7. Water & beer refreshments on water taxi


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