Embarking on a Nevis getaway through St. Kitts? Navigating your way from St. Kitts airport to Nevis offers various transportation options, each with its unique charm and considerations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into three prominent choices for your journey.


How to get to Nevis

– Ferry From Basseterre Port

– Water Taxi from Reggae Beach St Kitts

– A Private Airport Transfer

1. Scheduled Ferry From Basseterre Port: A Sea Voyage With Traditions

One traditional way to reach Nevis is via a scheduled ferry departing from Basseterre Port in St. Kitts. In the pre-pandemic era, this option might not have been the first choice after a long-haul flight. However, modern times have introduced scheduled speedboats that traverse the waters between Basseterre St. Kitts and Charlestown Nevis, with a journey time ranging from 25 to 30 minutes.


    • Affordable option.
    • Communal experience with locals commuting between St. Kitts and Nevis.
    • Ideal for those heading to Charlestown or the east side of Nevis.


    • Inability to pre-order tickets.
    • Limited boat capacities, potentially leading to wait times.
    • Waiting times for the next available boat can vary.
    • Longer taxi ride for the west or north side of Nevis.
    • No luggage assistance.


Check Basseterre ferry schedules

2. Scheduled Water Taxi from Reggae Beach St. Kitts: Scenic Routes Across Waters

If your destination lies on the west or north side of Nevis, a scheduled water taxi departing from Reggae Beach at Cockleshell Bay might be the ideal choice. Serving areas like Oualie Beach Resort, Mount Nevis Hotel, The Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa, and more, this route combines a taxi ride from the airport to the picturesque Reggae Beach pier with a scheduled water taxi operated by BluWaves Water Taxis or Islander Watersports.


    • Scenic journey through Frigate Bay, Timothy Hill, and the Southeast Peninsula.
    • Quick water taxi ride, especially if you’re not a fan of longer boat journeys.
    • Refreshments offered on water taxis.
    • Options for reaching Oualie Beach Pier and Four Seasons Resort Pier.


    • Limited capacities and potential wait times for scheduled water taxis.
    • Absence of shaded waiting areas at Reggae Beach pier.

If you are arriving at St. Kitts airport check availability on the shuttle bus service from the airport to Reggae Beach pier

3. Private Airport Transfer by Book Nevis: Tailored Luxury From Start to Finish

For those seeking a seamless and personalized experience, Book Nevis offers a private airport transfer service that ensures a stress-free journey from St. Kitts airport to Nevis. Upon arrival, a meet and greet service is arranged, followed by a scenic land taxi ride to Reggae Beach. From there, a private water taxi awaits, ready to transport you to either Oualie Beach Pier or Four Seasons Resort Pier, with all luggage handled with care.


    • VIP transfer service for a luxurious start to your vacation.
    • Option to be transfered direct to your Nevis hotel or residence.
    • Insightful drivers sharing information about places of interest.
    • No waiting for scheduled boats.
    • Complete luggage handling by the Book Nevis team.
    • Amenities like bottled water, WIFI in the land taxi, and refreshments on the water taxi.


    • None that we can think of!


Discover more about private transfers from St. Kitts airport to Nevis and embark on a voyage that aligns perfectly with your island adventure.